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Established since 1968, Pacific Engineering Sdn Bhd has continuously improved on its innovations bringing you hybrid environmentally and friendly products.Using our products help you contribute to a safe and clean environment everyday.


The PECOL® design team had created this modern, durable and high efficiency system that will blend beautifully with most housing styles to meet your hot water heating needs. This technology that is your assurance of the finest solar water heating system available today. 

PECOL Heat Pump Technology is a reverse refrigeration technology that reaches a high level of efficiency and high hot temperature of hot water.


PECOL Heat Pump absorb heat from the surroundings and raises it to usable temperature for heating. This principle enables a quantity of heat at source to be multiplied several times at no additional cost.


PECOL Heat Pumps are made with this highest quality components backed by major manufacturers from USA and Japan. Pecol Heat Pump systems are specially designed for use in the tropical climate using air as the heat source. In addition, this system provides much valued cold air absolutely free, and this can be used to reduce the air conditioning load. 


PECOL Heat Pump systems have been proven efficient and reliable. All our systems are backed by excellent after-sales services and our technical team is ready to serve you anytime.


We are the water heating specialist and using heat pumps to heat water is just one our specialties.


We will be happy to assist you in any projects with respect to hot water system designs and other forms of heating and give you a quotation obligation free. 


Benefits of Using the PECOL Heat Pump


1. Lower Operation and Hot Water Cost

– For the same amount of water to be heated the PECOL Heat Pump provide the MINIMUM Operation and Water Cost by transferring the surrounding heat instead of generating heat by electric resistance, gas and oil. 


2. Pollution Free & Safer

– PECOL Heat pump operate with R134A refrigerant


3. Practically Maintenance Free

– PECOL Heat Pump is fully automatic and requires minimal maintenance


4. Free Cool Air

– PECOL Heat Pump generates a lot of cold air with no added cost. This large amount of cold air can be channeled to cool the laundry room, lift motor room, kitchen or for any other purpose.


5. Space Flexibility

– The wide range of PECOL Heat Pump provide space flexibilities to ease installation at constrained areas.


6. Return Of Investment (ROI)

– Fast ROI payback


Note: Pecol also support Water to Water System

Designing for maximum coefficient of performance (COP) and trouble free maintenance


The COP of heat pump depends on a number of factors:


1. The temperature range of heat pump


2. The type of refrigerant used


3. The temperature approach on evaporator and condenser


4. The power gearing of the compressor 

commercial heat pump

The actual components of the heat pump used in the hot water system with air as the heat source consist of the follow:-


a. Heat absorbing unit

b. Compressor and accessories unit

c. Calorifier


There is great flexibility in the installation of the heat pump. The major components above can be located anywhere within reasonable distance of each other and are connected by interconnecting refrigerant copper piping. This enables the heat pump components to be located in different rooms should there be space constraints from putting them together in a single room or restricted area.


The model to be selected depends on the class and capacity. For example for hot water systems in the tropics the final temperature required may be up to 60˚C and water at ambient temperature is 27˚C. The rise in temperature is 33˚C and thus a Class II heat pump is required. The capacity of the compressor depends on the rate of recovery required which also depends on the storage capacity. 

pecol malaysia

Specification – PECOL Heat Pump

Note: Pecol Water to Water Heat Pump using chiller condenser water as heat source ca be made to requirement.           

Special capacities and dimensions other than shown above can be made to requirement.           

Specifications are subject to modification without prior notice.


pecol malaysia water heater calorifier commercial capacity

The PECOL Calorifier:


1. Allow the system to meet period of high peak hot water demand

2. Provide hot water temperature stratification required by the heat pump for efficient operation.

3. Properly sized capacity with correct thermostat differential setting prevent short cycling


PECOL commercial calorifier


Adequate storage capacity is official to maximize the PECOL heat pump water heater system performance, water is circulated between the storage tank and the heat pump unit by the built in PECOL circulating pump.


The water heated approximately 8˚C each times it passes through the heat pump unit. The tank temperature gradually rises until the set points of the thermostat control is reached and the heat pumps automatically shuts off.



Premium grade material are used throughout the construction of every Pecol Solar Hot Water System.


Pecol has incorporated soft-flow water spreader to prevent make-up cold water from mixing freely with the heated water


Pecol solar water system has been precisely engineered to meet the need for constant hot water. It trap solar energy at a faster rate with its larger surface of area to allows better heat absorption


Pecol’s optimum water flow is designed to enable the right flow of hot water throughout your entire hot water plumbing system.


Pecol crystal clear low iron tempered glass specially designed to allow the ultimate transmission of sunlight with negligible emission of heat directly onto the ultra black chromatic collector. 


Pecols uses an UV treated air-light seal all around the side and goes all round the solar hot water tank to prevent rain water and other corrosive particles in the air seeping through.


Pecol uses pressure injected high density polyurethane foam to restrict minimal heat lost to the atmosphere surrounding even at tremendous temperature difference.


Pecols has perfected the welds by using high technology robotic welding also to compressed seal by the quality brass fittings are used form preffered system.


Quality workmanship and quality material are pecol commitment. We assure high durability to give great value to your investment.


The trendy and stylish slim like design is designed to blend into harmony of any roof profile.


Pecol comes with built in electrical backup for heating element for additional hot water needed during monsoon season efficiently maintain desired temperature anytime during rainy days.


Pecols provide 10 years warranty after purchased

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