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Elton Spare Part Component

Pressure-Temperature Relief Valve (HT55)

This valve serves to guard against over-temperature and over pressure hazards. Whenver water stored in unvented (pressure type) cylinder exceeds 99˚C as rated.

Water heater Water Hammer Arrestor

For control of pressure surge in the domestic and commercial plumbing system where audible shock waves are caused by any of the following:- 

  • Sudden change in flow pressure
  • Solenoids Valve in dish and washing machine 
  • Quick closing of taps 
  • Loose pipe fixing
Water heater Pressure Reducing valve

To reduce the inlet water pressure to a specified value at it’s outlet

Water heater Vacumn Relief Valve

To prevent vacuum conditions occur in water heaters. Also used for the elimination of back-syphonage e.g from swimming pools when fitted on line to which filing hose is connected.

Water heater Heating Element

Copper sheathed immersion type with electrical rating:- 

  • 2.0kW for 14 Litres 
  • 3.0kW for 23 Litres to 200 Litres
Thermostat-w-Three Safety Device

To sense and to monitor the temperature of water in the inner tank between 40C – 70C approximately. Besides, it is equipped with a Bimetalic Thermal cut-off which will be activated to cut off electricity supply should there be any malfunction of the thermostat

Water Heater Safety Valve

It has dual functions, one is to guard against excessive pressure built-up in the inner tank above 8 bar, the other is to prevent water in the inner tank to back flow

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ELTON Water Heater Malaysia BWS Sales & Services Sdn Bhd , a company have over 20 years experience knowledge ad experiences on hot water heating systems, we mainly supply ELTON water heater and cooperated with consultants and consulting firms likes QS (quantity surveyors, plumbing company, house developer, Engineers, architects, ID interior designers, roof contractor and consultants for their residential and commercial projects such as: Bungalow houses, double storey house, landed properties, hotels, resorts, factories, hostels, hospital, clubs, fitness clubs, golf club, sports clubs, restaurants and industrial use for pre-heating, and washing.  


Introduction of ELTON water heater. ELTON Water Heater is the Pioneer manufacturer, of hot water heating system in Malaysia since 1960’s by Elton MFG (M) Sdn Bhd (Elton Water Heater Manufacturer, Formally South Engineers Sdn Bhd) and produce and supply two types of water heater:- Elton Storage Water Heater and Elton Instant Water Heater.   


All ELTON products are certified by SIRIM, Suruhan Jaya and 100% locally made in Malaysia. Throughout the 50’s years experience in water heater system, they always listen to our customers’ concern and practice customer first-basis as we know the local water conditions and understand how best to treat them. We assure all the ELTON products are certified by regulations. Elton full range of Electric Storage Heater, Instant Water Heater and “Energy-free” Air Conditional Water Heater are all available in plenty Malaysian electrical store.   


ELTON Water Heater ELTON (M) Sdn Bhd is the Malaysia leading manufacturer, supplier, distributor and service provider for water boiler, storage hot water tank, electrical water heater, instant water heater and storage water heater and widely distributed to few states of: Selangor, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Perak, Penang, Perlis, Kedah, Malacca (Melaka) and Terengganu.  ELTON Water Heater is the well-know brands and claimed as the best water heater system in Malaysia at 2012. As BWS do distribute along Malaysia, our customer can purchase ELTON hot water heating system through our dealers, contractors, designer, engineers, consultants, electrician, installers, suppliers, wholesaler, distributor, renovators, interior designers, plumber and architect that dealing in products such as: sanitary wares, hardware shop, electrical shop, air-conditioners, rain water harvesting, solar photovoltic, electrical water heater, repairing service centers, roof tiles, roof trusses, house renovation, water pressure pump, water filter system and we marketed our products through online and offline portal.


Elton Water Heater Distributor in Malaysia

BWS is a hot water heater installer company in Malaysia that specialize in 

water heater replacement, installation, repair, service and maintenance.

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