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Established since 1968, Pacific Engineering Sdn Bhd has continuously improved on its innovations bringing you hybrid environmentally and friendly products.Using our products help you contribute to a safe and clean environment everyday.


The PECOL® design team had created this modern, durable and high efficiency system that will blend beautifully with most housing styles to meet your hot water heating needs. This technology that is your assurance of the finest solar water heating system available today. 



Premium grade material are used throughout the construction of every Pecol Solar Hot Water System.


Pecol has incorporated soft-flow water spreader to prevent make-up cold water from mixing freely with the heated water


Pecol solar water system has been precisely engineered to meet the need for constant hot water. It trap solar energy at a faster rate with its larger surface of area to allows better heat absorption


Pecol crystal clear low iron tempered glass specially designed to allow the ultimate transmission of sunlight with negligible emission of heat directly onto the ultra black chromatic collector. 


Pecols uses an UV treated air-light seal all around the side and goes all round the solar hot water tank to prevent rain water and other corrosive particles in the air seeping through.


Pecol uses pressure injected high density polyurethane foam to restrict minimal heat lost to the atmosphere surrounding even at tremendous temperature difference.


Pecols has perfected the welds by using high technology robotic welding also to compressed seal by the quality brass fittings are used form preffered system.


Quality workmanship and quality material are pecol commitment. We assure high durability to give great value to your investment.


The trendy and stylish slim like design is designed to blend into harmony of any roof profile.


Pecol comes with built in electrical backup for heating element for additional hot water needed during monsoon season efficiently maintain desired temperature anytime during rainy days.


Pecols provide 10 years warranty after purchased

Renewable Energy Mini Heat Pump


PECOL – based on our Revolutionary Technology (Energy Multiplier), the Mini Heat Pump can effectively Save Up to 75% of you Water Heating Bills.Ideal for your entire household’s hot-water supply, 24 hours a day. On top of that, you will also enjoy cool air generated as a by-product of the system 


– Economical, 75% savings on heating bills

– Minimum maintenance

– Lower cost per unit energy output

– Meets international quality and safety standards

– Reliable and efficient

– Reliable in-house before and after sales service

– Saves space- Built to last

– Pollution free

– Manufacturer warranty

Renewable Energy Mini Heat Pump 


This Energy Saving system work on the same principle as an air conditioner in the reverse cycle. The compressor compresses the refrigerant vapor and directs the hot compressed vapor refrigerant to the copper pipe heat exchanger connected to the water storage tank, this makes the coil to act as the condenser and gives out heat energy that is transferred to the water in the storage tank. 


The cooled liquid refrigerant is then passed through the liquid receiver to filter the liquid content from the refrigerant vapor. The filtered refrigerant is expanded through expansion valve and is passed through the evaporator inside or outside the unit where heat from the surrounding is absorbed into the vapor and cold air is blown out. The refrigerant the flows back to the compressor to complete one cycle of process. This heating process will keep running until water temperature reaches 60˚C. Temperature and pressure relief valve is used to ensure the pressure and temperature of the storage water does not exceed the set limits. 


FREE COOLED AIR is the by-product of the system

Pecol Water Heater Malaysia

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